January 2007.


Since my father was killed when I had only one year, there was a lot of problems. And that also made my mother to die. My mother died in 2000 from HIV/AIDS. When my mother died, we remained in the house with no other assistance, not even from the uncles. We were left the 4 of us and I am the only girl. What I remember is in the evening we go to the bush to sleep there. Because the rebels were many. We came to the camp in 2003 when it was too much to keep hiding.  




Beatrice spends most of her day in the camp keeping home (cleaning, cooking, fetching water, gardening…) for her three brothers. They are a family. Pictured here (3 closest to us), her brothers Patrick, Richard and Bosco, and their friends eat a lunch of oyo (edible rat) and millet.  


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